Services and Solutions for Tourism

ROSS 1000, a realization of GIES
for the tourism system.
A solution accessible via the Web
for the collection, in real time, of the data of tourist flows and accommodation
(consistency, prices, services offered).

  • ROSS 1000 is the software for the detection of tourist flows in real time and the management of accommodation facilities with OpenSource technology.
  • ROSS 1000 manages in a single centralized archive different and articulated territorial realities with the use of a single management system in native Web technology, with substantial savings in terms of technical maintenance and investment in hardware systems.
  • ROSS 1000 enhances the individual operational realities (Regions, Provinces, Unions of Municipalities, Trade Associations, Accommodation Facilities, service companies in the area and individuals) through a discipline of access by geographic territories of competence and by type of user. This access discipline can be connected to the various authentication systems.
  • ROSS 1000 responds with a single tool and a single archive to the different needs related to the management of a Tourist Information System.
  • ROSS 1000 allows you to have more timely and more functional data for tourism planning and promotion policies.
  • ROSS 1000 was selected as the system for optimizing the methods for collecting statistical information on tourism, through the program agreement between Mibact and the Abruzzo Region on behalf of the special tourism and hotel industry commission.
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  • ROSS 1000 optimizes the surveys on tourist demand and supply provided in the National Statistical Program:
    - Capacity of accommodation establishments (code IST-00138)
    - Customer movement in hospitality establishments (code IST-00139)
    - Types and characteristics of customers in hospitality establishments (code EMR-00028)


By following our solutions you can deepen the theme of detecting tourist flows and accommodation (even short-term rentals).

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